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       Jiangsu little sun technology development co., LTD. (jiangsu little sun [XTY] co., LTD.) is located in yixing, a city with beautiful scenery and ecological civilization.

       Jiangsu small sun XTY 】 【 company in line with "humility, honesty, devotion, up" the management idea, the "people-oriented, quality win" business policy, the company mainly produces sales clip, chain, needle plate, guide rail, plasma cutting edge device, strip edge machine, dryer, of the device, infrared delineation devices such as printing and dyeing machinery fittings and equipment;The products are named after the trademark "little sun [XTY]", which is registered in more than 20 countries including the United States, Germany and France, and the products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions.The company implements iso9001:2015 standard and introduces advanced and excellent management concept in line with international standards.The company's leading team attaches great importance to innovation and technological progress, and constantly develops new technologies and products. It has 9 invention patents and more than 20 utility model patents.To actively guide the standardization work of the industry, take the lead or participate in the preparation (amendment) of several industry standards such as pincers, pincers chains, edge strippers, edge suckers, single-layer tenter setting machine, slurry cutting and edge suction device, round net workhead and guide rail of heat setting machine.

       The company has been identified as "national high and new technology enterprise", "national textile machinery and accessories spinning, dyeing and finishing machinery standardization technical committee and technical committee of the second member unit", "private technology enterprises in jiangsu province", "model of harmonious labor relations enterprise in jiangsu province", "AAA grade credit enterprise of jiangsu province", etc.;"Little sun [XTY]" trademark is recognized as a famous trademark of jiangsu province;"Dual-purpose pin-clips XTY - 30 type cloth", "dual-purpose pin-clips XTY - 30 dd needle knife", "strip edge detector", "high strength open closed prod-ucts smooth acidproof alkali prod-ucts needle", "amount to large, sufficient lubrication, high speed, high temperature resistant boarder guide", "high wear resistance of the winding steel needle base", "stenter setting machine avoid high wear-resisting chain" and other products has been identified as high-tech products in jiangsu province.The company has "jiangsu province printing and dyeing machinery equipment and parts engineering technology research center", "wuxi enterprise technology center", "the national textile machinery standardization committee forming-machine parts working group".

       The company establishes the core values of "rongshenyiren -- love, honesty and responsibility", and makes the little sun [XTY] brand become the world's first-class famous brand.To build a high-quality, highly skilled, responsible and caring elite team;The management goal is to achieve the first-class happiness index of all employees.The company has annual sales of more than 180 million yuan.According to the statistics of the industry association, the annual sales volume of jiangsu little sun [XTY] company has accounted for more than 55% of the domestic annual market share.Jiangsu small sun [XTY] company has developed into a domestic based, global, set research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, service integration of dyeing and finishing machinery parts and equipment manufacturing enterprises!

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